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The Egyptian market is characterized by its fluctuations and unpredictability; from this, comes the necessity of the supply chains to have warehouses and stocks in order to balance production and demand.

We try to integrate new ideas and modern practices for the adoption of strategic action plans. Action plans that will maximize the effectiveness of companies in supply chain.




  • Storage cargo, containers (Empty/ Full)
  • Consolidation.
  • Break bulk.
  • Stacking.
  • Lashing.
  • Picking / shipping.
  • Assembly.
  • Packaging.
  • Labeling


Raw Materials Warehouse
Raw materials have special characteristics in virtue of their volume and type of transport. In general, the proximity of the end-user industrial plant is vital for the success of this kind of inventory. That is why our warehouses and distribution centers are strategically located.


By-products Warehouse
Utilized in the mechanical, automobile and technological industries, these types of storages look to reduce downtime. At the last moment, they deliver the components in order to assemble the final piece. 4PLogistics offers ease in warehousing and delivery, and a strategically structured framework that ensures that your goods are delivered safely and timely.


Dedicated Warehouse
Utilized for highly critical deliveries, these storages are exclusively designed and operated for your company. From the planning of the lay out, to the format of racks and material handling, all is specifically planned and thought out with your goods in mind. Complete responsibility for the guarded material is absorbed by 4Plogistics.


Administration of In-House Storage
4PLogistics administers and operates their warehouses. 4PLogistics is responsible for all personnel and material handling under International Standards ISO.


4pLogistics is made up of a team of highly capacitated professionals specialized in Logistics Engineering, in order to assist and advise our clients in the analysis and optimization of the logistics process, developing personalized solutions for each case.

Our logistics operations designs are effective and secure, using innovative reengineering techniques combined with traditional mathematic models that add value to your supply chain.


Areas of analysis

  • Supply, scheduling and production control
  • Supply storage
  • Factory lay out, distribution centers and material handling
  • Transport packaging
  • Transport and distribution logistics
  • Administration of related information and documents


  • Depot services.
  • Triangulation ( coordinate Import with Export)
  • Custom and clearance ( release partially )
  • Value add service.
  • Trucking - (cleaning, inspection, maintenance, repair, Oil).
  • Receipt of orders
  • Plant Pick-up •Administration and delivery according to interior routes
  • Issuance of shipping lists and/or invoices from the sender
  • Stock management
  • Transportation
  • Order preparation (Picking)
  • Delivery up until the final destination
  • Online, on time and real time data information
  • Weekly submission of signed shipping lists
  • Management of reverse logistics
  • Control of pallets and returnable.
  • Final disposition of non-compliant products

Multi Model Transport

For both importers and exporters, we offer our international ground transport services. Our strategic alliances with leading international logistic operators allow us to offer the best service, assistance in foreign trade and comprehensive advice regarding countries and regions. We make easy the import/export process in order that your company grows.



4PLogistics proposes a new concept in integrated logistics services where a professional is assigned and exclusively dedicated to each particular case, accompanying our clients throughout the entire process, working as an integrated and efficient team. We put our experience at the service of your business in order to add value to your supply chain.

At 4PLogistics, our assigned professionals plan, coordinate and control the entire process, guaranteeing the best results according to the needs of our clients in all industrial sectors. The delegation of these tasks results in a savings of time, risks and costs in supply chain management.

Our company has a strong infrastructure of transportation and distribution throughout the entire country. Deeply rooted and committed in the production and development, 4PLogistics grew in coverage and widened its network of alliances with main regional leaders, thus securing a domestic distribution and reach with the highest level of service.
We deliver all over the country, from the capital cities to the interior of every province, thus guaranteeing an effective regional distribution.



  • Air
  • Ocean
  • River
  • Land ( National Long Distance )
  • LCL
  • Refrigerators